The sequence of our actions for signing a contract

To invest and further receive money, the depositor must sign a contract with me. There are three ways of signing this contract.

The first way is signing the contract and sending it by e-mail. The second way — the investor comes to my city and we sign the contract(if the amount of investment does not exceed $ 50,000).

The third way — the investor sends me money to travel to him and back, after that I come and we sign the contract. Also, an investor can not send me money directly, but send me a representative who will pay for my journey with him to the destination. The third method is valid if the deposit amount from one depositor is $ 50,000 and more.

Applications for obtaining the business plan of this project, for deposits and signing investment contracts should be sent to the email address that is specified in the contacts. To speed up the processing of your applications, you can call the mobile phone that is listed in the contacts.

Contact on Saturday and Sunday

Call by phone: +380982163872

VIBER +380982163872


For investors, an example of a letter click here.

After signing the contract, the depositor transfers to my bank account, the amount specified in the contract or gives money in cash. Also, in the contract there is a clause stating that the money is kept with me before the necessary amount is collected. In business, I am very honest and responsible.

I collect all the necessary amount and after that I start to act in the direction indicated in the business plan.